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The Meloy is a contemporary art dealer-gallery in search of future greats, highlighting and contrasting new works with masters of the past.

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Following “Vegetation” exhibition, La Vitrine Contemporaine de Monaco presents contemporary art show “The Animals” in celebration of the fauna world in the Principality. The theme is fitting as the 2022 Nice Carnival is also celebrating our four-legged friends with their production entitled “Animal King”.


“The Animals” will present a mix of historic ceramic works from Alberto Diato, and Cerart ceramics from 1950. Contemporary art pieces from renown Monegasque artists Gerard Pettiti and Agnes Roux as well as Monaco artists Zoia Skoropadenko and Clem Chambers.  They are joined by famous ceramist from Vallauris Dale Dorosh and Bernard Vitour, a ceramicist and a former farmer from the Loire Valley who is the show’s guest artist. From the historical pieces the audience can see the ceramic piece from XIX century by Delphin Massier from Vallauris, and figurine of horse by Vallauris duo Les Argonauts from 1950s.

The history of photography will officially celebrate its 200th anniversary next year, since the French inventor Nicéphore Niepce first captured a landscape on a tin plate. Aesthetics and engineering combined, and we now know how much this process has changed the way we look at the world around us. For the history of art, in particular, it has constituted a critical point: the meaning, the form, the intention will never be the same again; even if the subjects are the timeless. The elements, landscapes, portraits, the woman-muse, the moon: immemorial fascinations. The exhibition presents some of the key works of these discoveries

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10/2/22 - 1/4/22
La Vitrine Contemporaine de Monaco


12/11/21 - 15/11/21
10 place des Vosges, PARIS 75004
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