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Born in Vallauris. France. 

Worked and lived in Vallauris and Golfe-Juan

Delphin Honore Massier was born into the Massier ceramic dynasty. He was a son of a Jacques Massier and a brother  of Clement Massier.  He started to work at his father’s manufacture in 1858.  11 years later he became an apprentice of the master Jean Feraud and in 1890 Delphin became a master of ceramics himself. 

In 1871 after a death of his father Delphin took over the family business and opened new pottery  named “Au vieux moulin”. At the end of the XIX century he was managing more than hundred employees. Both of his children Alfred and Jean were also working in family business.  In 1900 Delphin decided to start his retirement  and hired a talented ceramist Jean Gerbino to manage the factory. Unfortunately, after the death of his beloved wife Elisa, Delphin lost interest in ceramics and business, he settled the succession and ceased all activities. The manufactures as well as its corporate name went to his sons. 


Massier died in 1907.









Circle: Jaques Massier, Clement Massier, Alfred Massier, Jean Massier, Jean Baptiste Feraud, Jean Gerbino.


Japanese ink on paper.

20x30cm   2019


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