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Vetyverte (quadreria nera)
Pigment, wood ashes on kraft paper.
125x92cm   2020

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The Fish.
Pigment, charcoal, wood ashes on kraft paper.
125x92cm   2020

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Born in Monaco. Worked and lived in Monaco and Cannes

After graduating from local Monaco school. Bellini joined as an assistant the office of French architect Charles Dalmas, creator of  Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice.

After successfully passing exams for license as an architect, he established his first studio in Sainte-Maxime, afterwards moving to Cannes, where he lived all his life. 

Despite of being a skillful drawer and creating many caricatures, he produced his first oil canvas painting only in 1948.  A year later in 1949, he felt enough confident and exhibited in Cannes. Bellini immediately got a support from  the established painters like Louis Pastour, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Pablo Picasso and Kees van Dongen. The last one, after he moved to live in  Monaco, proposed Bellini to move to Paris into his art studio and to pursue the artistic career in capital, but Emmanuel was very much attached to his beloved motherland Monaco and couldn't spent more than 2 week  without visiting his mother, and go to Monaco church. Though he accepted a kind help from famous artists and had few exhibitions in Paris. At the openings many Parisian artists like Marie Laurencin, George Braque, and others came to greet Bellini and mingle.   

For his 80th birthday, Prince Rainier III of Monaco offered him an exhibition at the Sporting d’Hiver in Monte-Carlo.


Bellini died in 1989

Ganesha rasta (quadreria nera)
Pigment, wax, wood ashes and lime on wood
125x92cm   2021 

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