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 Sailing boat.

Pencil on paper. 15.8x25.8cm

Private Collection of Zoia and Clem Chambers

EURO 6500


Born in Albi. France. Worked and lived in Paris.

At early age Toulouse-Lautrec went to live with his mother in Paris, where he started sketching. The family realized that boy might be a talented artist so a friend of his father, artist  René Princeteau, gave some lessons to young Henri.
After Princeteau noted a skills of Toulouse-Lautrec, he persuaded Henri’s parents to let him return to Paris and study under the painter Léon Bonnat. Toulouse-Lautrec moved to Montmartre and stayed there for almost most of his life. 

After Bonnat closed his studio, Henri moved to the studio of an artist Fernand Cormon where he spent next five years studying painting and mixing with the group of friends like Émile Bernard and Vincent van Gogh. 

In 1885, Lautrec started to exhibit his work at the cabaret of Aristide Bruant’s.

After his studies he participated in an exposition in Toulouse and later exhibited in Paris with friends Van Gogh and Louis Anquetin.

When the Moulin Rouge cabaret opened, Toulouse-Lautrec was commissioned to produce a series of posters. His mother had left Paris and, though he had a regular income from his family, making posters offered him a living of his own. 

Toulouse-Lautrec traveled to London, where he was commissioned by the J. & E. Bella company to make a poster advertising their paper confetti and the bicycle advert.

He became a prominent Post-Impressionist painter, art nouveau illustrator, and lithographer,

Toulouse-Lautrec died on 9 september 1901. 

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