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Eva DMITRENKO is a multi-media artist. Gratuated from Pavillon Bosio (ESAP, Monaco) she mainly gets inspiration from Family Memory, thus fluctuating between personal and universal, between depth realism and poetic distortion. Her near relations (partner, father, mother, brother, friends etc...) are regularly involved in the conception and creation of her artworks. Since 2019, the artist experiments embroidery, a  technic that requires a lot of time and patience and goes against the flow of our contemporary society.

Eva Dmitrenko is also known for great installations she co-created, as the “Roses des Vents” in the Boulingrins Gardens (Monaco) shown from March to May 2022, or the installation “Bleu Sel”  exhibited in the Atrium of the Casino Monte-Carlo (Monaco) during Summer 2022.

Eva Dmitrenko
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