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SAKURA| Exhibition

29 March - 4 April 2023

AIIIMA Gallery

Shibuya City, Shibuya,

2 Chome−21−1, Hikarie, 8F

TOKYO 〒150-0002 



Current exhibition is a collaboration of 2 artists Zoia Skoropadenko (Monaco/Ukraine) and Kina Sato (Japan). With their art work presented during this exhibition they created a conversation between European and Japanese culture paying tribute to the past creations , art technics and traditions with a twist of contemporary.

In March 2023 they gathered in Tokyo  to celebrates the beauty and cultural significance of cherry blossoms  in full bloom. Skoropadenko presents her series “Sakura at night” when Sato will debute her contemporary view on traditional Japanese depiction of cherry blossoms.




Sakura art has a long history in Japanese culture and has been an important subject for artists throughout the centuries. Cherry blossoms, or Sakura in Japanese, have been admired in Japan for over a thousand years for their delicate beauty and fleeting nature.

The earliest known representations of cherry blossoms in Japanese art date back to the Heian period (794-1185) when they were depicted in paintings and literature. During the Edo period (1603-1868), cherry blossoms became even more popular, and artists began to incorporate them into various art forms, including ukiyo-e prints, folding screens, and ceramics.

While Sakura art is a popular subject in contemporary European art, it does not have a significant presence in the history of European art. However, Japanese art, including the depiction of cherry blossoms, has had an impact on European art since the late 19th century.

In the late 19th century, European artists began to take an interest in Japanese art, particularly the woodblock prints known as ukiyo-e. The simplified and flattened forms, decorative patterns, and vibrant colors of ukiyo-e prints were a revelation to many European artists and were influential in the development of Art Nouveau and other modern art movements.

The influence of Japanese art on European art is evident in the work of many famous artists, including Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Claude Monet. In particular, Monet was a great admirer of Japanese art and incorporated its influence into his paintings of water lilies and gardens.

The French artist Gustave Guillaumet painted a series of works inspired by his travels to Japan in the late 19th century, which included depictions of cherry blossoms.

Overall, Sakura art has found a place in European culture, and its popularity continues to grow.


Zoia Skoropadenko + Kina Sato "Sakura"                                                                                                 Tokyo Art Beat                                  March-April  2023                     Online

About Sakura                                                                                                                                             8/07/Creative lounge MOV               March- April 2023                     Online

КРИВОРОЖАНКА ПРИНЯЛА УЧАСТИЕ В ВЫСТАВКЕ «САКУРА» В ТОКИО                                                                        25 April 2023                             Online

Японська сакура і українська надія: в Токіо відбулася виставка криворіжанки Скоропаденко      Кривий  Ріг LIFE                             27 April 2023                             Online

Нічна сакура ексльвів’янки Скоропаденко зачарувала Токіо                                                              ЕСПРЕСО                                      19 April 2023                             Online

У Токіо відбулась українсько-японська виставка робіт двох художниць                                             UKRINFORM                                  18 April 2023                             Online

Сакура з Токіо та вишня з Кам’янського: виставка двох художниць стала подією місяця у Японії   UAPOST.US                                    6 May  2023                              Online

Виставка сакур української та япнської художниць відбулась у Токіо                                                  INFORIVNE                                   18 April 2023                              Online

Виставка сакур українки та японки стала однією з найвідвідуваніших галерейних події Токіо.        UAGolos                                         17 April 2023                             Online

Виставка криворіжанки Скоропаденко та її японської колеги вразила Токіо                                      NikopolToday                                  5 May 2023                               Online

Сакура вночі                                                                                                                                              The Day                                          17 April 2023                             Online

Виставка сакур українки та японки стала однією з найвідвідуваніших галерейних події Токіо         Amazing Ukraine                            18 April 2023                             Online

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